Meet Brian

Brian Curee

Since 2006, Brian has been actively serving in the digital field, blending his expertise in computer science with insights from theology. This unique combination has equipped him with a deep understanding of both the technical and human aspects of digital technology. He's observed the pressures of the ever-evolving digital landscape on individuals and businesses, recognizing people can lose sight of their true purpose amidst technological demands and push for performance marketing.

Recognizing this challenge, Brian created the ART framework, aimed at realigning digital interactions to serve your personal and professional purpose. This innovative approach highlights his dedication to professional excellence and to upholding personal values. In his speaking engagements, Brian takes on the role of a guide. He loves sharing insights on the thoughtful use of digital technology, ensuring that every click, post, and digital interaction is meaningful and transformative.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Brian finds joy and balance in his family life. As a dedicated husband to Shawna, a father to Ashton, and a compassionate caretaker to his furry companion, Paisley, Brian's personal experiences shape his perspective on digital technology. His role in his family brings a unique and heartfelt understanding of how technology intertwines with our everyday moments.


"Let's use technology as a tool, guided by our purpose, not the other way around." – Brian Curee

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Finlay Bloodworth

Finlay Bloodworth

Business Analyst at Unidev

Brian’s passion for technology and human connection is truly inspiring. He has a unique way of helping us refocus, cutting through technical jargon to spotlight how technology can serve our most essential human needs. His enthusiasm for the Metaverse is not only inspiring—it’s eye-opening, unveiling a whole new world of possibilities. Listening to him, you instantly recognize you’re in the presence of a true pioneer in this evolving field.


Ben McDonald

Owner/Manager/Artist - Sidewalk Prophets

Brian has such great knowledge when it comes to understanding human connection. It is for this very reason, that he is an outstanding digital marketer. It is clear that he has put in the time to understand people, trends, and technology in a way that allows for optimum success in a very cluttered digital world.

Brandi Reichert

Brandi Reichert

Director of Strategic Marketing | JOY FM & BOOST RADIO

The digital content landscape is continually growing and changing. In addition, opinions can vary greatly among players inside and organization. With all of this, I felt overwhelmed and wanted to be sure I was making the best possible choices for our ministry. After watching Brian work with other Christian stations, artists and labels, I decided to hire him to help us focus, prioritize and plan for success. What I have found is ... we are doing digital together ... however, we are also on mission together ... and that means just as much as digital "success." Brian and his team have spent time getting to know us, shared valuable lessons, and are building us solid plan to follow. I am eager to see where the next year takes us. I feel confident I have a great partner in helping us reach more people for Christ in St. Louis and beyond.