Learn the ART of Slowing down in a Digital-Driven Era

In a society where our lives are increasingly dictated by technology, it's time we hit pause.

ART is not just an acronym; it is a way of life. It’s about taking a step back and really examining what you’re doing with technology.

What Is ART


The first step is awareness. Tune in and become mindful of your purpose and the part technology plays in fulfilling it. Is this tool enriching your life or creating chaos?


Step number two is reflection. Allowing yourself the space to ask deeper questions and step outside the typical thought process. Are we in control of technology, or is technology controlling us? Reconsidering our digital behavior lays the groundwork for meaningful change.


The final step is transformative action. By making intentional choices about how we engage with technology and aligning that with our purpose, we can transform MORE lives—whether it's through business or personal application.

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More About The ART Framework

Monika Philp

Monika Philp

Director of Leadership and Member Development

We recently hired Brian to speak at our AIM HDC Conference. The Heartland Developers Conference is our premier software development conference for tech professionals. Brian went above and beyond to deliver an outstanding presentation. One of the standout aspects of the presentation was the material itself. It was clear, well-researched, and presented in a manner that was easy to grasp, even for those who might not be well-versed in the tech topic. This level of clarity is a testament to Brian’s expertise and meticulous preparation. However, what truly set the presentation apart was Brian's ability to connect with the attendees. Questions were met with thoughtful and detailed responses, and there was a genuine interest in ensuring everyone left with a better understanding. This is a quality that not all presenters possess, and it speaks volumes about Brian’s dedication to the craft. He is an exceptionally knowledgeable speaker who brings a unique blend of energy, expertise, and wisdom. I would highly recommend Brian for any speaking engagements or workshops. We can't wait to have him back with us next year!

Duane Teeters

Duane Teeters

Strategic Product Security Leader

I was particularly drawn to Brian’s session on virtual worlds, mission, and meaningful connections. He has a knack for highlighting the often-overlooked human elements in the tech sphere, reminding us to prioritize mission and genuine connections.

Beyond the content, Brian’s approachable demeanor, storytelling skills, and well-timed humor made the experience both enlightening and enjoyable.

Emily Faust

Emilie Faust

Media Coordinator at Eleven Twenty-Three

Having attended all of Brian’s sessions, I can confidently say each one was a learning experience. What really stood out was his ingenious use of Metaverse avatars and AI tools. These features didn’t just entertain; they made the presentation interactive and engaging.

The key takeaway for me was understanding how the Metaverse and AI aren’t just buzzwords—they’re practical tools that can revolutionize our professional lives. Brian’s sessions vividly demonstrated how these technologies can streamline processes, improve decision-making, and make collaboration more efficient.

Ready to set off on a journey towards a more balanced and impactful digital life? Let's take this transformative journey together.